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Hey, Newgrounds. Name's Egandaworks. One Word.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 19th, 2018

Nice to meet you all. As you can probably guess, I'm just another migrator of the Tumblr purge.

Since I'm starting this Newgrounds blog from the ground up and will abruptly stuff this account with uploads for the next few days, I might as well give you guys a crash course on my backstory...

I was always fascinated with all the effort and personality hentai artists put into their work, and after some though I decided to pick up the pencil and become one myself. Preferring the idea of having my own mascot of sorts to champion my blog, I drew my first hentai OC and finished her on August 31, 2017, though I didn't start posting until almost two months after the fact--I still needed time to reflect on my artist moniker and the image I was going for. While observing an Omegle chat a couple months prior, someone misspelled agenda with eganda, and frankly, I thought it sounded like some weird-ass disease. Still sounded cool though, so I decided to build on it and adopt the name "egandaworks." After getting my feet wet, I made a second OC around the middle of March and, at least for the time being, decided to stick with these two as my sexual muses. And now that I have settled more into the art and have gotten better at anatomy and efficiency, Tumblr has decided to buttfuck us all, pivoting our horny asses into a mammary migration virtually nobody asked for and rendering its digital scape as a waistless wasteland.


OK, We all caught up?.....


Anyways, you can see my original posts at my old blog:


Pretty dismal, ain’t it? I swapped each of my works with a migration notice sign. I even censored the words and tags. I’ll be keeping the blog up for a time as a sort of lamenting memorial, mostly because I want people that happen upon that old blog to reflect on what once was. Also because I'll be spending the next few days trying to upload all of my shit onto this blog. I was hoping to do it verbatim, but it seems like each post here can only contain one image. I really don't want to erase the memories I made, which is why I will try to stay as true to the original blog's format as I can for the reuploads. I'll wait for a time before I decide to take my Tumblr blog off of life support. I want to send it off in a meaningful way.

I often go on and on about my artistic processes, but I'm not really one to get back to comments too often. I just lurk a lot. I'm socially lopsided like that.


Anyways, a pleasure being here. Probably an acquired taste, but even still.

Now, let the blog stuffing begin!