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Egandaworks's News

Posted by Egandaworks - March 24th, 2019

OK, so I was WAY too optimistic on the completion period. I wish I already had it done, but delays have been essentially due to a combination of workflow confusion, adding a lot more dialogue, and a heavy bout of lethargy. For all I know, it might take about two more days for me to finish it. Sorry for all of this.

Posted by Egandaworks - March 20th, 2019

Fuck it, I'll finish the Spring comic tomorrow. I honestly just don't feel like finishing it today.

Posted by Egandaworks - March 20th, 2019

I have completed around 90% of the line art. I'll get up early tomorrow before work to see what I can do. How much I accomplish before I head out will pretty much set the tone of how much hope I have. Spring Fever has honestly been making it difficult to focus on this.

Anyways, what's left......dialogue and frame prep work should take 1.5 hours, Coloring should take roughly 2.5, Polishing should take 3, and GIF making should take 1.

Let's see what I can do.

Posted by Egandaworks - March 19th, 2019

I'm jerry-rigging a quick GIF comic to ring in Spring 2019. Since it was so close to Elly's birthday, I decided that this will also double as a post-comic for her 2019 birthday pictures. Anyways, the script is finished and I completed roughly around 20% of the line art.

I have two days to pull off my vision....Stay tuned.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 31st, 2018

New Year's pic and GIMP is giving me shit at the most terrible time; it keeps making only the last frame into a GIF. Less than twnty minutes 'til midnight. You know what? I'll deal with it tomorrow.  I'm gonna meet the dilemma halfway here.




Happy New Year's, guys.


Posted by Egandaworks - December 28th, 2018

Heads up. The Christmas posts will be past midnight. Cleaning for New Year's guests took a bit more from the schedule than I hoped.

I wonder if anyone else is this late. 

Posted by Egandaworks - December 28th, 2018

And that's my story.


This completes my unpacking from Tumblr into Newgrounds. Sorry if my posting spree seems redundant and confusing to you, but to me it's precious history. Compared to most other people, I haven't been a hentai artist for long, and as a result I didn't have nearly as much to move as other people, but nonetheless, every picture holds a memory. Sure the pictures themselves are sealed in airtight envelopes, but when the scrapbook you kept them in gets torn apart from waterlogging, you know that they won't look the same in a different book. Not for a while, anyways. 

I at least wanted everyone to stay together, and I'm pretty sure everybody wanted the same thing, but everyone knew that we would be flung apart. I kind of kept myself in the shadows and never really talked to anyone, but I always enjoyed watching everyone share their ups and downs. Its a damn shame that an impulsive snap of one's fingers can bring an entire community to its end. I'm still trying to navigate this site, in more ways than one. I honestly wonder who else from Tumblr has come here.

I'll have my Christmas pics up by the end of today (Dec 28th); I only have shading and minor adjustments to work on. I know these are late pics, but for sentiment's sake, I was very insistent on chronology when I was "unpacking" from Tumblr.


Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my blog, and I look forward to seeing what this community has to offer.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 28th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 16th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Here it is. My last Tumblr post. I remember feeling so empty as I wrote this. There was a picture with this post, but I'm not gonna bother with it. The constant "noise" of fellow Tumblr bloggers died down to a desperate whimper at this point. The community and site that I feel in love with were both essentially gone.)



Throughout the day, I will be working on…”padding” this blog in preparation of the new policy. I’ll keep this soon-to-be grossly censored blog up for a time as a sort of lamenting memorial, but until then…

I have started a hentai blog on Newgrounds:


I’ll probably have to remove the above link, too, at some point. Not sure how strict the policy will get. Nothing is posted on my Newgrounds account yet, but I hope to transfer my blog as close to verbatim as Newgrounds’s site functionality will allow (honestly, I want to preserve the memories made here). Trust me, I’m kind of running all over the place here.

Honestly, don’t even bother saving what you can from my blog here. Tumblr’s compression never did my artwork much justice–my works, when downloaded from Newgrounds, will have much more crispness to them, given the site’s larger upload capacity. They’ll prove to be much more satisfying pictures to keep.

Anyways, I hope to see you all join me at my new Newgrounds account. Looks like I really will be heading for new grounds, huh? Well, you can kiss the personality of this Tumblr blog goodbye.

October 25 2017 - December 17, 2018






Posted by Egandaworks - December 28th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 9th, 2018

(Reupload notes: I remember panicking so hard at this point. Most of the people I followed were laying down multiple links to their accounts on other sites, and yet there I was, scurrying left and right desperate to even discover just one. It was sad and nerve-wracking at the same time. I really was not looking forward to migrating. Prior to this post, there was a reblog I made for a ban reversal "protocol," I guess you could call it, where people could piggy back this post and request for assist in getting their adult-oriented blogs back up. but it felt somewhat pointless then and definitely pointless now.)



Still searching for a new place for my porn. I’ve already compiled a list of candidates for my new stomping grounds. Now to do some research on how well each of them matches my personal wants.

I really don’t wanna leave this site, honestly….. I’ll give you an update when I move forward.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 28th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 4th, 2018

(Reupload notes: The very moment the meteor struck...)


You can probably guess why this is happening.

As you’ve likely heard, Tumblr is trying to create a friendly environment for its viewers, essentially meaning that censorship has pretty much euthanized this place and many artists and cultures will needlessly suffer. I can already see that well over a third of my content has already been flagged. Not sure how some of the obvious ones slipped by the flags, but whatever, Tumblr shot itself in the foot big time. Come December 17th, 2018, this place’ll be a waistless wasteland.

I’m hesitant to make a Twitter account by a knee-jerk reaction (their character/picture-per-blog limit is particularly off-putting for someone like me that can go on and on about his processes). I also heard that Twitter’s getting rid of its “Like” feature, which takes even more points off for it being being my 1st place blog candidate.

I’ll give you guys an update and a link to my new blog place. I don’t particularly know what’ll happen to my account on account of my flagged content, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna wait around to find out. I hope I can find something else other than Twitter.