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Egandaworks's News

Posted by Egandaworks - May 7th, 2021


I bought a urethral sounding kit and just got it in the mail today. A set of nine stainless steel rods in a leather casing, all built tough to stick deep into my pisshole! Never really done this sort of thing before; I'm a bit nervous, honestly. The thickest of the rods is 20mms thick (for reference, as thick as my thumb)! All the same, I'm actually kind of excited at the thought of making it to that thick one.

Wish me luck.

Oh, also quick artist update: I've been working on an image set of August in a maid outfit. I'm hoping to get that all done and posted by the end of the weekend.

Posted by Egandaworks - April 19th, 2021

Just a few more touches....

Posted by Egandaworks - April 14th, 2021

Quick update:

I've been working on TWO pictures of Elly, back to back in the same scene. I think you guys are gonna love it. I'm currently working on the lighting/shading on her body (bodies?) and after that I'm gonna have to do some complicated shit.

I would like to say that I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend, but I'm not gonna make any promises.

Sit tight. It'll be worth the wait.

Posted by Egandaworks - March 1st, 2021

I may need to ask some questions before posting the post-comic. One of the conditions of publishing movies is

"Do not submit pictures in a slideshow format."

Not completely sure what this means, but it does sound a lot like what I do. I'm gonna take a bit of time to investigate this. I may have to switch down to GIF again at least for the time being. Honestly, I was kinda looking forward to the upgrade, so I'd rather not if I can help it. I used OpenShot Video Editor, and for a program that I just found, it has a lot of promise to it. And it feels a bit insincere to my work to slap in some audio just for the sake of poking the minimum bar.

Dunno, I'll sniff around a little before I make the decision to debuff my work.

Posted by Egandaworks - February 28th, 2021

Quick update: I'll get the post-comic done tomorrow. I've been chugging away at the project all day and I literally only have the mouth layers to do before arranging the animation. I'm tired, and Krita has progressively slowed to a crawl--I suspect this is from the constant work. Damn shame that I didn't get it done in the month of February; it kinda dawned on me that Valentine's Day is the halfway point of the month. Well whatever. Either way, it'll all be worth it.

Posted by Egandaworks - February 27th, 2021

Almost done with the Valentine's Day post-comic. Just working on the background and final tweaks to the characters. I'm gonna try posting it as a movie instead of a GIF. With the last animation I made--especially because of how long it was and how I opt for realistic pacing for dialogue--it kinda occurred to me that the lack of the ability to pause or rewind is rather antagonistic to consumption standards. Also, the change in format will, I comfortably assume, allow for a higher-quality product.

As for past animations, you can just use a gif to mp4 converter or something. I don't care to backtrack in this regard, partly for the integrity of the documents and partly because I just feel lazy about it. Soooo, yeah. Use a converter.

Anyways, stay tuned. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that I'll get it all done tomorrow. Tweaking eats up a surprising amount of time if you don't know how to prioritize.

Posted by Egandaworks - January 1st, 2021

Dudes, we got a problem.

There's this bill called the Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act, or SISEA for short, that is currently pending approval. As the name of the bill would suggest, it's meant to crack down on nonconsensual pornographic material, but like most of these crackpot propositions, its ripple effects often far outweigh any good.

I'd go over the details myself, but I feel no need. I found a Twitter user who goes by the name Ana--a self-proclaimed NSFW reporter--who took the liberty of creating a master post concerning the bill. The link to the post is below:


I looked over her compilation and I believe she presents the matter in a succinct way. I strongly urge you to visit this tweet.


Posted by Egandaworks - October 26th, 2020

Hey, figured I'd give you guys an artist update; you all know I do something for this holiday. I'm currently working on three Halloween pictures. One chibi-ish one which I'll post in the next day or so (Pre-Halloween) and two normal pics I'll post on the day of Halloween (Trick-or-Treating and Post-Halloween/Post-Comic). The first one will be easy. The latter two, however, I've been having trouble getting the proportions right with the line art. Things seem to be going fairly smoothly otherwise.

Also, hope you peeps are staying safe. Good luck trying to figure out alternative activities for Halloween night. As for me? I'm just gonna buy a bag of Halloween candy and look up some scary stories on YouTube. Those things can run for a good half hour per vid. An option to consider, perhaps?

Anyways, stay tuned.


Posted by Egandaworks - September 18th, 2020

I've been working on one final summer pic for roughly two weeks now featuring August. It's almost ready. Expect the art post tonight. I may or may not do a quick post-comic. Either way, the Fall intro pic takes precedence (first day of fall is September 22, by the way). Anyways, stay tuned.

Posted by Egandaworks - August 31st, 2020

I'm not gonna go too into detail, but revealing August's birthday pic for this year is something I'm SUPER looking forward to....

Stay tuned.