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Egandaworks's News

Posted by Egandaworks - December 24th, 2018

Originally Uploaded to Tumblr on Jul 4th, 2018

(Reupload notes: I don't remember it being all that eventful, honestly. I did get an assload of different fireworks, but after the fact, it was just kind of....meh. Apparently if you bunch multiple fireworks together and light them all at the same time, it doesn't become more awesome. They just catch on fire and do absolutely nothing afterwards.)


Just dropped this message to wish all you guys a Happy Fourth of July. Currently waiting for the sun to go down so I can blow shit up like every other American.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jun 16th, 2018

(Reupload notes: This had some skeleton wire drafts, but those kind of drawings seem a bit frowned upon here. They feel kind of like filler here, anyways. I had like two other posts consisting of drawing progress, one on the 19th and one on the 21st. I feel like sparing you the play by play for now.)


I’m making a drawing to commemorate the first day of summer on the 21st. Here is my progress so far. I still use the skeleton rubrics I made, though I try to be more flexible about it. Concerning hands, I’m just kind of inventing methods at this point. I bought some wooden manikins to use as reference, and, though they’re rather rigid, they have been incredibly useful in figuring out poses.

Still using paint.net. Clip Studio Paint is a bit more complex than I thought. There is much about it that I don’t understand, and even simple tasks seem like foreign directions–I’ll likely be sifting through tutorials for quite a while.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jun 7th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Come to think of it, Democrats took back the House this midterm election, didn't they? Maybe there will be some balance moving forward. Maybe. Not saying either side is pure, but there's at least some hope now of them cancelling each other out.)



June 11 is on Monday. The net neutrality repeal goes into effect by then. We’re gonna be the ISPs’ fiscal pocket pussies if we don’t do something about this. This all hangs on the House passing the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore the Title II protections of the Internet.

Citing my personal emails, it seems that “[o]ver 175 members of Congress have indicated their support for Net Neutrality but we need 218 to sign on to pass the CRA” (Freepress.net). To be more specific, “that means we’ll need to convince all the Democrats and about 25 Republicans to support the CRA” (Battle for the Net).

Call your representatives, even if they promise to support the Net Neutrality CRA:


Oh, and here are the people that stand in our way:


Please note that these links lead to a secure website. If you try to search for these on your own with Google or something and it appears that the site isn’t secure, something’s up. Just a thing for all of you to consider moving forward. Don’t want you to toss your efforts into decoy sites or anything.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on May 16th, 2018

(Reupload notes: I kinda wonder how much further the topic will go on in the political scene. I'm just grateful that I keep a handful of activist email subscriptions in my back pocket. I honestly would hardly know what the hell was going on otherwise.)


Awesome news, dudes! The votes are in and the Senate voted to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. I took the liberty of whittling down some personal emails of mine, and have managed to boil it all down to the following:


At a 52-47 voting margin, the Senate just voted to pass a resolution of disapproval that would overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. This resolution now must be passed by the House of Representatives. The repeal will go into effect on June 11, but if the House also votes to overturn the FCC’s decision, net neutrality would be saved courtesy of the Congressional Review Act.


June 11 is less than a month away. I advise all of you to keep your ears cocked and stay on your toes.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on May 13th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Sucks that this overall issue is still actively on the table.)


I’ve honestly been taking my sweet time on Elly’s personal stat card—I’ve kind of been just dicking around for the past few weeks.

Anyways, apparently there’s more news on the net neutrality issue. There will be a vote in the Senate this Wednesday concerning the FCCs decision—there is a chance to reverse the repeal and restore the Internet protections we secured in 2015. Make sure to contact your representatives to express your stance on net neutrality.



Sorry for the half-assed exposition; I’m typing this out while tired. Just wanted to toss this news out there for you guys. Really should’ve put this out sooner.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Mar 11th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Rereading this, I sound awfully somber.)


Hey, it’s me. I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but not only have things been busy for me (and will continue to be so for a little while longer), but I also figured it best to step back for a bit to put more serious consideration into what I want to make of this blog, and frankly, I’m still pondering quite a bit, most notably concerning my own OCs.

Initially I had planned to make a trio, but now that I am almost done with the second character after having put her creation on hold for over two months, I feel it best to only keep it at two–a sort of night and day duo. I like the idea of August having an opposite to complement her. There are a few other things I’m mulling over, so I would appreciate your patience.

Anyways, the second character I will try to post by the end of the day. I hope things have been going well for all of you so far during 2018.


Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 24th, 2017

(Reupload notes: I'll probably give it another go sometime.)


Looking at the blowjob set I drew of August, I probably could’ve executed Frame 6 better. 

First off, the ejaculate doesn’t trail from August’s mouth as it appropriately should; though there are traces of it on her lower jaw, it overall looks like the semen was poured onto the dick rather than immersed in her throat. I should’ve left a trail of it leading from the tongue to make the implication much clearer. 

Second, I took another look at her face and realized that I had not lowered her birthmark back down. In Frame 1, I had raised it to stretch back in conjunction with her smile. She adopts an open mouth gesture in Frame 6, but I had forgotten to lower it back down in response.

There’s also the stomach of the POV male. There is a noticeable clip in the erased edge; I had failed to smooth it out like the other Frames. There are also spots that I failed to erase on the lower left corners of Frames 2, 3, and 5, though honestly, I’m not particularly inclined to gripe too much about them–each Frame was a workstation unto itself, so I am not too fretful over their border discrepancies. Even still, though.

Not really something of relevance, just some thoughts I wanted to share. Overall, I still think it came out pretty good. Also, the Christmas pic is coming along as scheduled. I’m in the middle of shading, and the background will be simplistic. I’ll be able to hit tonight’s deadline easy.


Posted by Egandaworks - December 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 19th, 2017

(Reupload notes: My head really was somewhere else back then. It was kind of a stressful time for me.)


The OC I had in mind is going to have to wait. I have a good idea of what I want the end-product to be (still pondering on the hair style though), but my head has been kind of somewhere else; I just can’t focus. I guess I’ll have her creation be a surprise. All things consistent, the Christmas pic and New Year’s pic will still be drawn as scheduled.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 22nd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 15th, 2017

(Reupload notes: Once again, those traitors.)


Many of you are probably still recuperating from the vote the other day that repealed network neutrality. Some words of encouragement may be in order here. 

This is indeed bad. Very bad. BUT, this is only Round 1. 

There is still a lot of time between the vote and when its effects will become full-bloom; it still has to survive a lengthy process (Congress, courts, and the like), not to mention the fierce opposition the vote has. Hell, there is already an attorney general, Eric Schneiderman from New York, who is leading a multi-state lawsuit against the FCC for the shit they pulled. God bless.

Anyways, don’t give up, keep on getting involved, contribute to the effort to save the net as we know it, and whatever you do, DO NOT take your eyes off of your enemies.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 22nd, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Dec 14, 2017

(Reupload notes: Those traitors.)


Net neutrality is on the line here; the vote is today. Not really sure how to help outside of the usual phone call and donation, and honestly not really sure why I didn’t bring it up sooner, but there are two organizations that I would like to draw attention to:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)…


….and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


I believe strongly in freedom of expression and digital rights, and these two groups have been my go-to for hope in such matters. These sons of bitches will pull their claws out in court if net neutrality ends up getting the ax. In addition to calling your representatives, donate to these groups; they’re good people who care about you and will fight for you.

If net neutrality gets repealed, there’s a chance that their websites will end up getting attacked. With that said, I HEAVILY suggest that you write down their phone numbers. You’re gonna need it to contact them if their sites end up getting throttled or blocked.

I’m typing this early in the morning, so just look up AlphaOmegaSin on YouTube. He’ll give you a good rundown on what’s going on if you already aren’t up to speed.