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Egandaworks's News

Posted by Egandaworks - December 26th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Sep 25th, 2018

(Reupload notes: My god, salt in the wounds.)


Nuts. Just realized: I was so fixated on Elly’s birthmark that I didn’t morph August’s birthmark with her mouth movements…….oh well. Should mind next time. 


Posted by Egandaworks - December 26th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Sep 23rd, 2018

(Reupload notes: I remember being surprised at myself when I first typed this. Normally I don't call in defeat.)


Hey. Egandaworks here. So I ran into some time constraints, which kinda forced me to water down my project. Normally I make the deadline, but I regret to say that this will not be the case.

I crafted a picture set, which is really a mix of dialogue and minor gesture tweaks (a pale display compared to the original vision I had, which would have had more flamboyant gestures). I would much rather unveil the whole thing than dole out the set piece by piece.

I would much appreciate your patience in this matter.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Aug 31st, 2018

(Reupload notes: Hopefully, you'll get as much of a chucke as I did.)


I took a second look at the birthday pic set I posted and had a rather interesting epiphany:




My first hentai OC’s birth date is apparently a sex pun. Welp, fuck me, then.


Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 31st, 2018

(Reupload notes: The following sounds like a reupload note in and of itself.)


Still can’t believe I made the deadline. The bowl and torso placements are a little iffy, but overall, I’d say the end result’s not too shabby.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 31st, 2018

(Reupload notes: I was aiming for a formal tone for the progress reports, but reading all of these, it sounds like I'm in the midst of a recon mission.)


One day left.

Didn’t invest as much time today on the project as I did yesterday. The table design, though tricky, was manageable. Shading work was somewhat tedious, particularly around the fingers. I have started on the background and plan on crafting it as a water color/digital paint hybrid similar with the last project–a lot easier than it sounds if you actually know from the get-go what you want. Despite the somewhat intimidating appearance of the project assets having yet to be consolidated, the remaining tasks and tweaks are straightforward and simplistic. The only things really left to do are to finish the background (~1 hour), finish August’s and Elly’s shading (~1-2 hours), add minute lighting/shading details (~30 minutes-1.5 hour), and sweep the pic for anything that may need tweaks (~30 minutes).

Schedule Adherence: Ahead

Tweaks Needed: Minor

Idea of Direction: Certain

Overall Outlook: Very Good

Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 29th, 2018

(Reupload notes: It was just a cooped-up-in-my-room kind of day. It was actually quite cozy.)


Two days left.

Literally worked all day. Routine and tasks were disordered and deviated from the established plan. Finished line art and coloring of August and Elly. Finished line art, coloring, and shading of their ice cream. Have only begun line art and coloring for the table; given the artistic direction I am going for, perception/line work may prove time-consuming–I still reserve the option of defaulting to a simpler design for the table. I do not foresee shading as a particularly demanding objective for the overall project. As originally allotted, the background design has not been started yet.

Schedule Adherence: Slightly Ahead

Tweaks Needed: Notable

Idea of Direction: Questionable

Overall Outlook: Good

Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 29th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Made progress reports with each day, too, in order to keep myself chugging along.)


Three days left.

Finished all of the rough drawing, and have gotten a respectable head-start on the line art. I’m gonna chisel away at more of the line art before going to sleep.

Schedule Adherence: Slightly Ahead

Tweaks Needed: Minor

Idea of Direction: Good

Overall Outlook: Good

Posted by Egandaworks - December 25th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 28th, 2018

(Reupload notes: I remember this challenge on myself being actually pretty fun.)


For my next picture, I’m gonna try to challenge myself. I’ll try to make some laptop wallpaper of August and Elly eating ice cream together. Here’s the work schedule I’m looking to go by:

July 28–Polished Hand Drawing

July 29–Polished Line Art and Begin Coloring

July 30–Finish Coloring and Begin Shading

July 31–Finish Shading and Begin and Finish Background

Given the pace of my last set of pics (Elly’s shading situation was hell and a half, but even still), I kind of wanna see how much in over my head I am or if I can actually pull it off. Feels like a 50-50 thing, honestly, but I got the basic premise down for it all, at least. Schedule-wise, I think shading and layers are the things that’ll end up fucking me over. Thus far, they’ve been notorious factors in time management.

Welp, wish me luck. I’ll give you guys the play by play with each day’s end.

Posted by Egandaworks - December 24th, 2018

Originally Posted on Tumblr on Jul 21st, 2018

(Reupload notes: Up to this point, I've been skirting off sketch work, but this is something that I really want to show you guys. At the time, it was just too good. Here's the dump link, don't make money with it, give credit where it's due, totes NSFW, you know the drill: 


and yes, I am one for traditional means. Don't ask me how much paper I blow through.....I have my own printer, if that answers anything........It doubles as a night light.)



My Internet went down yesterday, so I just kind of took a break from drawing. Anyways, I still got a bit more to do, but I figured I’d share the picture below. While I was shading a few days back, I was tweaking the shade portions that didn’t quite line up appropriately. After I was done with adjusting the layer, I thought it looked pretty trippy, so I figured you’d enjoy it as well.



Posted by Egandaworks - December 24th, 2018

Originally Uploaded to Tumblr on Jul 13th, 2018

(Reupload notes: Another sketch filler post. Don't mind the discrepancy of acknowledgment here. Two other update posts were made, one on the 15th and one on the 17th.)


I’m drawing a solo picture of Elly anally masturbating in a beach house. Figured I ought to show you my progress thus far.

It’s been pretty humid and miserable, so as you can tell by the dates, I’ve kind of been dragging my feet with this one. Hell, Elly’s skeleton is a rough eye-judgment drawing of my own pose in front of my camera, and even then you can see the “fuck it all” in the draft. Those wooden dolls that I bought are helpful for some things, but they’re unfortunately a lot more limited in movement than one would appreciate. Maybe there are more effective ones made of wire or something, I don’t know. There’s likely zero chance that I’ll retire myself as a reference for anatomy, but it still would probably be worth looking into.

Anyways, I thought this would be a good chance to include water colored assets (by hand, I might add) into a project. It’s not exactly how I envisioned it, but I still like the aesthetic that I captured, especially how I sandwiched some faint digital paint with water colored layers to make it look like the last traces of sunlight are about to disappear.

I’m aiming to have her line art finished in digital form by the end of tomorrow. Could be a bit later, though–I’m looking to do variations here. Either way, stay tuned.